Response Objects

4xx errors indicate that there is something wrong in the client request. For instance, the state of the resource is incompatible with the requested operation, or maybe the supplied JSON payload doesn’t match the expected schema. 5xx errors point to an unhandled failure in the server. In some cases, the message returned by the server is:

{ "error": "string" }

The value of the string points to the actual cause. For security reasons, 500 errors include only a nonce (UUID) that should be provided to our support team.


Represents a supported Neo4j version.

Request path/databases/versions
versionString (id)Version identifier
descriptionString (text)Version description

GrapheneDB plans:

  • sandbox
  • developer
  • s1
  • s2
  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5

The supported EC2 regions (as of API version 1.0) are:

  • us-east-1
  • us-west-1
  • us-west-2
  • eu-west-1
  • eu-west-2
  • eu-west-3
  • ap-northeast-1
  • ap-southeast-1
  • ap-southeast-2


The same API endpoint can return a sync or async operation, depending on the database size and plan. The “operation” object represents an asynchronous operation.

Resource path/operations/{operationId}
idString (uuid)Operation id
databaseIdString (uuid)Database id
descriptionString (text)Operation description
stoppedBooleanIs the database stopped?
createdAtString (tstamp)UNIX epoch
currentStateString (enum)global operation status:
* failed
eventsArrayCollection of events

Operation Event

stateString (enum)Event identifier (human-readable). Examples:

createdAtInteger (tstamp)UNIX epoch


Resource path/databases/{databaseId}
idString (uuid)Database identifier
nameString (text)Database name
urlString (url)Access the Neo4j REST API through this endpoint.
boltURLString (url)Endpoint for Bolt, new Neo4j binary protocol. Available as of Neo4j 3.0
webAdminURLStringNeo4j browser URL. Use Basic Auth with the same credentials as above. This is a REST endpoint.
metricsURLString (url, optional)
createdAtString (timestamp)db creation date, in ISO-8601
versionString (text)Full description of the installed Neo4j version.
currentSizeInteger (long)Database size in bytes
pluginsArray (object)Installed extensions
maxSizeInteger (long)Maximum database size in bytes, depending on the plan.
planObjectPlan object
awsRegionStringEC2 region identifier
countersObject (optional)Current number of nodes and relationships.
clusterObject (optional)Information about the cluster, in case the instance is a member.

Plugin object

idString(uuid)Plugin UUID
nameStringPlugin name
enabledBooleanIs it a managed extension?
kindString(enum, optional)Extension type:
createdAtString(date)ISO-8601 date with creation timestamp

Plan object

typeString(enum)Plan type (see corresponding section)
limitsObjectPlan limits

Limits object

NodesInteger(long)Max no. of nodes in this plan
RelationshipsInteger(long)Max no. of relationships in this plan

Counters object

NodesInteger(long)Current no. of nodes
RelationshipsInteger(long)Current no. of relationships

Cluster object

masterURLString(url)URL of the master node
nodesArray (serverId)Array of nodes

ServerId object

serverIdIntegerNode identifier


Resource path/databases/{databaseId}/backups/{backupId}
idString(uuid)Backup identifier
stateString(enum)Backup status:
originString(enum)Backup origin:
* automatic
timestampString(date)ISO-8601 timestamp of the backup termination
sizeInteger(long)Backup size in bytes
durationInteger(long)Backup duration in seconds
packageURLString(UrlPath)Path to append to the API root to produce a downloadable link with the package (graph.tar.gz)
downloadableBooleanCan the user download the backup package?

Backup Schedule

Resource path/databases/{databaseId}/backups/schedule
timezoneString(enum)Always set to UTC
frequencyString(enum)Always set to “daily”

Backup Package

Resource path/databases/{databaseId}/backups/{backupId}/package
backupUrlString(url)Secure one-time URL pointing to a volatile S3 bucket.

Database Export

Resource path/databases/{databaseId}/export
urlString(url)Secure one-time URL pointing to a volatile S3 bucket.
sizeIntegerExport file size (