GrapheneDB uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request, always following the guidelines of RFC 2616. The codes listed below have additional meaning for our API:

Error CodeDescription
200 Immediate, synchronous responses from GET, PUT.
201 New entities created via POST.
202 Costly operations from PUT, POST are asynchronous.
204 Empty content from PUT, DELETE.
400 The client provided a bad request payload (eg. format or schema issues) to a POST, PUT operation.
401 The client is unauthorized.
404 The resource path does not exist in the API.
405 The client used an undefined HTTP method on a resource.
409 There’s another operation in progress on the same resource.
500 There was an error on our side.
501 The operation hasn’t been implemented yet.
502 The public API received an unexpected response from our internal infrastructure.
504 The public API didn’t receive a response from the internal infrastructure.