Trial databases

GrapheneDB offers the possibility to evaluate the service to every new user via a trial database.

Please note that the motivation of Trial Databases is to get a chance to evaluate our service for free. If you need more time to evaluate please reach out to our support team.

  • The free trial period is 14 days. After that, it will get converted to the smallest paid plan at $1.6/day.
  • During the trial period, you can upgrade to a paid plan or delete the trial database anytime to avoid charges.
  • We will delete all your data if you request account deletion.

Creating your trial database

Everyone that signs up to GrapheneDB will see the option to create a trial database on the Welcome screen.


Once you click on the button a new modal will appear on your screen. You can just click on continue if you don’t want to change any of the pre-filled values.

Deployment options

Private Network

You can configure the deployment options of your trial database. GrapheneDB deploys all databases on AWS VPCs, also trial databases. In this section, you can configure the needed settings for that deployment. If you are unsure about these settings, just leave it untouched and your trial database will be deployed with the default settings.

You can learn more about Private Networks here.

Name of the trial database

The default name is Trial_DB but you can change it in this step.


Payment details

The last step before deploying your trial database is gathering your payment details. You can always adjust your payment information from our Billing tab, as well as additional billing information for your invoices.


We ask for your payment details in case you don’t delete your database after your trial period of 14 days. You can always end your trial period anytime before by deleting your trial database. GrapheneDB will also delete all your data if you request account deletion.

Deleting your trial database

You delete your trial database anytime during the trial period. Just click on the button Delete trial database in the Overview tab of the trial database. You will also find an additional button in the Admin tab section.


Upgrading your trial database

Your trial database will upgrade automatically after your trial period to our smallest plan DS1 ($1.6/day).
You can also opt-in to that upgrade anytime during your trial period by clicking on the Upgrade database button in the Overview page of the trial database.