Storage tracking

How the data is distributed in the disk?

GrapheneDB allows you visibility on how data is distributed in the disk so that you can have more control over your deployment. The size that your deployment takes in the disk is important as there is a limit for your plan that you want to avoid hitting read-only mode.

The section on the Overview page of your database shows the following info:

  • Nodes, Properties & Relationships : The size in disk for your property graph model will help you understand how the data is distributed within your graph.
  • Indexes : Indexes are very important, but they come at a cost of write performance and disk size.
  • Databases : The size that your system db and your data databases takes in the disk. It also contains transaction files. The transaction log is counted into the total size, and size of transaction log is always 128MB, because it gets preallocated even if empty, and won’t grow beyond that because it will rotate.
  • Extensions : This is the size in disk of your extensions.
  • Other : Other size in disk, like debug logs.

Email Notifications

We are sending two warning emails at 85% and 95% before your deployment reaches the allowed disk size for your plan. We encourage you to upgrade your plan (you can do it in-place) to avoid your database being put in read-only mode.

Setting up your own disk alerts

All these storage metrics are also available via the Prometheus endpoint in the Insights tab for your convenience in case you want to fetch them and create your own charts or alerts.

In case you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.