Database users

To connect to your database you will need a valid Neo4j database user and password. GrapheneDB doesn't add any additional layer on top of Neo4j native authentication. That means you can use directly all Cypher commands via Neo4j Browser or your application code to manage the users for your database.


Legacy GrapheneDB users

For better security and compatibility GrapheneDB is no longer adding any layer on top of Neo4j native authentication. If you're using a legacy plan, you can read more on legacy GrapheneDB users here.

Creating your first user

On database creation, Neo4j will create a user with a temporary password and prompt you to change it the first time you launch Neo4j Browser.

GrapheneDB will prompt a modal right after database creation showing the user and password for your temporary user.


Neo4j will ask you to change the temporary password the first time you launch Neo4j Browser. When changing the password, please make sure you choose a secure password and store it safely. If the password can no longer be retrieved or is lost, the user should be deleted and a new one created.

Managing users

Users can be created and managed using a set of Cypher administration commands that you can run from Neo4j Browser or your application.

Create UserCREATE USER charlie SET PASSWORD password
Delete UserDROP USER charlie

For more commands and further info please click here.