Establishing a connection between GrapheneDB instance and Graphileon

Graphileon is a graph-driven dashboard development environment. It uses a graph database to store user interface components in nodes and triggers in relations to define the interactions and data-flows between the UI components.

To establish a successful connection between your GrapheneDB database and Graphileon, you’ll need to use your GrapheneDB database connection details, and you can find them within your GrapheneDB database management Ul.

Once you launch Graphileon app, you'll be prompted to this screen below:

graphileon graphenedb setup

Here are the important details for a successful connection that you'll need to input:

  • Type: select the Neo4j version of your database from the drop-down menu
  • Protocol: select Neo4j:// from the drop-down menu
  • Host: can be found in the Connection tab within the GrapheneDB database management UI
  • Port: 24786
  • User: your database user credentials
  • Password: your database password credentials
  • Encryption: select On from the drop-down menu (GrapheneDB only accepts encrypted connections)
  • Certificate: select the last option from the drop-down menu (Accept any certificate provided by the server regardless of CA chain)

Next, click on the Test Connection in the lower right corner of Graphileon app.
You should be able to see a green checkmark that indicates a successful connection between your GrapheneDB database and Graphileon. If that's the case, click on Save button.


Finally, proceed to create a Graphileon user and password from the Users tab. Click on Save, and Apply Settings buttons. The new screen will open within the Graphileon app, and you'll be prompted to login with your Graphileon user credentials. That's it!

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you need any help.