Changing plan

Upgrading/downgrading the plan of a Neo4j database hosted on GrapheneDB.


The preferred way of upgrading or downgrading your plan is the changing plan feature that you can access from the Overview page of your database.

Alternatively you can also clone your databases and select the plan for the cloned database. In this case you will need to point your app to the new database and create new users.

Changing plan

Please follow these steps to change your plan in-place:

  1. Put your application in maintenance mode.
  2. Click on Change plan button. A modal window will be shown.
  1. Select the plan you want to change to and click on Change plan button.
  1. Test that everything is working correctly on your end.
  2. Put your application back to normal mode.

There is no action required on your side. Extensions, indexes and connection settings are not going to change after the operation.

If you want to downgrade plan, please make sure that the new plan features enough disk and resources for your dataset and load.



Please take into account that the operation involves database downtime. The downtime duration can vary depending on the size of your database and the time Neo4j needs to stop it. Please contact our support team if you have any questions about downtime.